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Dear Prospective Students:

Our purpose is to significantly increase the probability of you succeeding in the Real Estate business.  As is the case with many professions, Real Estate experiences a high % of early drop outs. The flip side is that Real Estate can and will be a successful venture for you provided you learn to develop the right attitude and the willingness to plan, commit and focus on the right things.  Incorporate this concept with a superior training program, one cannot only succeed, but excel far beyond expectations. 

It is my belief that the training you recieve to get a Texas Real Estate License should be more than providing you with the knowledge to pass the Real Estate exam. Yes, the material you must learn required by the Texas Real Estate Commission to demonstrate competency, is very important.  You will learn this in our school in an interesting, fun and hopefully motivational way.  What is also very important to learn are the intangibles on how to succeed and excel.  You will learn this from the high quality Instructors associated with RETT, all of whom have excelled in the Real Estate business ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS. We know what it takes. 

Specifically about us......We know the business inside and out and learned it from experience, great teachers and HARD KNOCKS.  We emphasize hard knocks because it is important that you hear about our failures as well as our successes. Throughout our teachings, we tell you both the good and the bad; what worked and what didn't work.  We want to help you avoid as many mistakes as possible, yet learn from those you have already made and are going to make.  Our goal is for you to learn the material required to secure a license and at the same time put you on a track to perfect your real estate marketing, listing, selling and investing skills leading to your personal and financial success. 

A little about me personally...For the past 25 years, I have enjoyed a successful as well as a challenging Real Estate career. For 11 years I was a Top Producing Agent  and for 14 years I was broker/owner/trainer of a multi-office Real Estate Company in the North Texas area. I have trained hundreds of successful Agents in the business and bring to you not only my own experiences in the business, but also experiences of many of the GREAT REALTORS OF THE WORLD, who produce over $1,000,0000 annually in commissions.  I also bring to you a perspective from the GREAT TRAINERS OF THE WORLD.  Many times I have studied and attended the courses presented by Floyd Wickman, Mike Ferrry, Jim Droz, Walter Sanford, Jim Rohn, Roger Butcher, Joe Stump, Craig Forte, Anthony Robbins, Craig Proctor and others, including: TREC, CCAR, NAR, TAR,  ABR, CRB, CREI, CRS, GREEN, GRI Instructors...and many other Great Texas Realtor Associations, far too many to mention by name.

The instructors that have associated with RETT mirror, although not exactly, a background of similar experience and are all equally dedicated to your success.

Along with meeting the Texas Licensing requirements, our programs focus on the "BEST of the BEST" Real Estate techniques. We are proud to bring you a level of instructions that will give you a head start in acquiring a Texas Real Estate license and succeeding and excelling in the Real Estate business.
We are committed to the success of you and your Real Estate Career by:

1)   Providing quality instruction based          on experience. 

2)  Teaching you to work smart and with       the latest technology.

3)   Providing a learning environment             that is interesting and fun.

4)   Focusing on what it really takes to           succeed and excel in the Real
       Estate business

5)  Pricing our classes right !!!
        Our Mission
    A Message from the President 
Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School (RETT)

          Dan Robertson
Dear Brokers and Managers

RETT is a totally SAFE HARBOR for you to send your prospective agents and we will return them to you well trained ready to hit the ground running. 
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