Texas Real Estate License School

Texas Real Estate License School offering the best classroom courses.

Texas Real Estate License School

Texas Real Estate License School offering the best classroom courses.


Real Estate Training & Technology 
     Licensing School  #4726   
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Excel in Real Estate"
Live Classroom Courses at School or ZOOM Classes  held at your Home
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Texas Real Estate Licensing School
Trec: Qualifying Education  #4726 
 School:   2121 W Spring Creek Pkwy , ste 108, Plano TX 75023
Classroom & ZOOM too!

Information for WEEKEND classes:


My name is Jacob Lira and I am an assistant here at Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School. We are thrilled to have you join us for your first class this upcoming weekend as you take your first step in building a real estate career. 

 Be sure to stay alert for emails from our office manager, Mandy Smith, with study material and other information. We highly recommend you study this material in your own time, particularly the four exams. 

There will be an exam at the end of each 30 hour course. Thoroughly studying the material throughout the week will ensure you pass the classroom, state, and national tests the first time.

Remember, your beginning class will start on Saturday, then Sunday and will be completed the following Saturday for a total of 3 days completing 30 hours for one course.

 There are six 30 hour courses totaling 180 hours required by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Class will begin at 8:00 am and end at about 5:30 pm with lunch and smaller breaks during the day. 

You are required to be present the entire class time and failure to do so may result in course credit not being obtained at the instructor's discretion. A textbook will be given to you when you start each class.

Very Important: When attending a 30 Hour Zoom or Classroom course YOU MAY NOT SWITCH BETWEEN ZOOM AND CLASSROOM!! You may switch from Zoom and classroom after you have completed a 30 hour course (YOU MUST ADVISE IF YOU ARE CHANGING FROM ONE TO ANOTHER)

Below is the address to our office where class will take place! Please reach out to Jacob if you have any further questions or concerns!

Dan Robertson, Instructor/Owner 972 - 948 - 2860

Jacob Lira, RETT Assistants 469 - 456 - 5676

Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School
2121 W Spring Creek Parkway Suite 108
Plano, Tx 75023