1. Apply For Benefits Online Here  or call VA at 1-888-442-4551
 Texas Real Estate Licensing School for Veterans

Texas Real Estate School for Veterans

Texas Real Estate School approved for Veterans and VA to complete their Texas Real Estate License.

Texas Real Estate Licensing School

Qualifying Education #726 MCE #0593
Real Estate Training and Technology
 Licensing School
"Learn to 
Excel in Real Estate"
  Veteran’s Registration Procedure Live Class and ZOOM
                Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School #726

  • Call VA 1-888-442-4551 to discuss your Eligibility.
  • Call RETT Licensing School 972-948-2860 your situation and options.
  • Mail the follow to RETT Licensing School at Copy of VA Education Eligibility, Copy of Social Security Number, and copy of Drives License
  • Go to
  • Click on VA Benefits at top of web site page and complete the form, sign and forward to This form says if VA doesn’t pay, you will. VA is very good about paying.
  • Go back to first page of click on grey link #1 and mark the six 30 hour courses you choose to take and follow the instructions on the web site and place one of the following in the box(s) on the right: C for classroom Live, ZM for ZOOM Mail, ZP for ZOOM Pickup, or ZE for ZOOM e-book. Page down a bit and complete contact information, including your address if you want the book Mailed to you.
  • You then hit SUBMIT, however, do not pay unless you are paying to have book(s) mailed to you at $8.00 each (post as 8.00). 
  • If you want the book Mailed, you must pay $8.00 5 days before the 30 hour course is to begin. For example, if the course starts on Saturday you must pay by noon the previous Monday.
  • After you have completed your first 30 hour course, RETT will send your information to VA for payment. It usually takes 2/3 weeks for RETT to receive payment. 
  • Keep on mind, if VA DOES pay RETT and you quit after partially completing the 180 hours, RETT will refund the uncompleted classes directly to you of which would then owe VA. If VA DOES NOT or HAS NOT PAID, you will owe RETT for the classes you have taken.
  • If taking the course(s) on ZOOM you must be personally visible on ZOOM for the entire 30 hour ZOOM class, except for breaks or a short emergency. Test taking requires the full view of the student.