Texas Real Estate School for Veterans

Texas Real Estate School approved for Veterans and VA to complete their Texas Real Estate License.

Texas Real Estate Licensing School

Qualifying Education #726 MCE #0593
1. Apply For Benefits Online Here  or call VA at 1-888-442-4551
2. Once you receive your Certificate of Eligibility, call 972-948-2860 for                instructions and confirmation. 
3. Submit the following to: 
    Rettschool@gmail.com or mail to 1301 Custer Rd, Suite 832 Plano, TX 75075

  •     Complete Registration Online
  •     Certificate of Eligibility
  •     Transcripts from any post secondary education completed using your VA eligibility
  •     Military Transcripts
  •     Copy of Military I.D., Driver's License or Texas I.D.  
RettSchool is thrilled to announce that we are an approved Real Estate training provider for VA eligible persons seeking 100% paid GI Bill Benefits. Call or visit us today for information on how to use your benefits towards a successful real estate career!
 Texas Real Estate Licensing School for Veterans
We offer exceptional Training for the qualified Veteran to secure a Texas Real Estate License.  We look forward in hearing from you to answer your questions and discuss your career goals. 
Call 972-948-2860
Dan Robertson
Our purpose is to significantly increase the probability of you succeeding in the Real Estate business. As is the case with many professions, Real Estate experiences a high % of early drop outs. The flip side is that Real Estate can and will be a successful venture for you provided you learn to develop the right attitude and the willingness to plan, commit and focus on the right things. Incorporate this concept with a superior training program, one cannot only succeed, but excel far beyond expectations. 

It is my belief that the training you receive to get a Texas Real Estate License should be more than providing you with the knowledge to pass the Real Estate exam. Yes, the material you must learn required by the Texas Real Estate Commission to demonstrate competency, is very important. You will learn this in our school in an interesting, fun and hopefully motivational way. What is also very important to learn are the intangibles on how to succeed and excel. You will learn this from the high quality Instructors associated with RETT, all of whom have excelled in the Real Estate business ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS. We know what it takes. 


Dan Robertson


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